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What do you think we can do to influence an inclusive culture in an organisation?

I have looked at this very much from a personal perspective about what’s helped me and in my view and experience, an inclusive culture is one that fosters…



Consideration of others

Living authentically



Increased self-confidence

Values-based behaviours

Elevating everyone

...without these core components, it’s only brick-and-mortar.

As a Programme Manager my role and responsibility is to ensure multiple programmes run efficiently and that internal system processes are coordinated to maximise resources thus supporting organisations to enable people to be their best selves and do their best work. Working at the Centre allows me to support not only our wonderful clients but to support my colleagues; we are all able to work to our personal styles and preferences allowing us to be our authentic self in a safe working environment.

I believe we are all responsible/accountable in influencing an inclusive culture in an organisation. At the Centre, we all consciously role model who we truly are; this is not about just playing a role. It is an individual’s responsibility for the betterment of not just one but the wider team; it’s a ripple effect that transcends further than one can imagine. Regardless of how you work; physically in office, remotely, hybrid working, etc., being at work, the environment, working and collaborating with colleagues should be a joy and all should feel included, and this can only be achieved if we all do our part.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford.

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