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Get to know Jan Sinclair

Tell us a bit about you – your values, what you’re passionate about?

I’m a mother / partner / author / landscape artist and life coach, who has 25 plus years of corporate experience gained at IBM and Readers Digest. I’ve worked consistently hard over the years to cultivate a sound career. Despite various opposition I have navigated the hurdles and done rather well for myself. Injustice doesn’t sit well with me at all therefore bringing awareness to some issues is particularly important to me. I am passionate about life and learning about people and what makes them tick. Some may call it being nosey, I beg to differ!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

There have been a few, being a mother, raising two beautiful daughters inside as well as outside, seeing them take their part in the world. Marriage, becoming a published author, producing some great art, singing a solo with my choir (that was major). Qualifying as a life coach which meant not missing one class even though it was 1:00 am in the morning. (Didn’t quite read the small print). Leaving a huge corporation and venturing out into the wider world. Still playing netball (walking netball), and being exceptionally happy in my own skin. I’m sure there will be many more achievements to come.

What attracted you to join TCfIL?

Mainly the leadership whom I’ve admired from a far for years. I’ve been saying for over 10 years that I would like to collaborate with this team in some way. The subject matter is an extension to work I’ve been doing for years on a voluntary basis. The main difference now this is my primary job and I get paid for it. (All the BRG leaders out there will understand exactly what I mean.) It’s pretty neat. In addition, I get the chance to work with an exceptional young and vibrant team. Plus the opportunity to keep learning, growing and pushing for excellence in this space.

What has been the best lesson you have learned in your career?

  • Every journey is unique, some fast some slower. For me it’s all about consistency and celebrating the tiny wins which over time all add up.

  • I can do just about anything I put my mind and effort too.

  • Timing is key

What do you hope to achieve with TCfIL?

With every interaction to make a deep and meaningful impact to the lives of those we engage and serve. To be the trusted advisors in this space because of our humanness. To leave a legacy and of course ……. win an outrageously large contract which supports my pension. (could not resist).

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