Up-skilling people managers: The engine that drives the culture

The manager population tend to be the most under-resourced and under-invested-in cohort in the business. The number of managers we encounter who ‘make it up as they go along’ is concerning. At a minimum, managers must be helped to understand:

teamwork (4).png

why inclusion matters


how to manage change


how to delegate


how to give feedback and how to manage teams

leadership (1).png

how to coach


how to manage conflict


how to have difficult conversations


how to manage up and carry-out mid-year and end-of-year reviews.

This is a necessary investment for any organisation, seeking to get more from more of their people, more of the time. Organisations know that it is their leader-manager population who are the engine that drives the culture. Knowing this, inclusive organisations strategically and systematically invest in their enablement to ensure that they, the managers are fuelled to make sure the business is powered by inclusion.

Inclusive organisations don’t expect that good producers will automatically be good leader- managers. Consequently, organisations may need to reimagine the support they need to offer their leader-manager population to enable them to be able to lead their organisation toward achieving its goals.


5 top tips for enabling your managers

Role model inclusive leadership to them

Tailor an inclusive leadership programme to their needs

Provide them with a coach

Provide them with a mentor

Provide them with a learning resource includingmoment-of-need resources

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