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A fingerprint is unique to every individual, and that at its heart is the essence of diversity. 


Part of what makes us unique is that we don’t do one off training, we do inclusion maturity journeys to match your unique fingerprint.  We believe that now more than ever, people want to be confident that they are connected in relationships and can participate in groups in ways that give them meaning, security, and positive prospects. In short, they want to feel included. Any business that depends on the discretionary efforts of people needs to excel at managing inclusion.


Although we are a company, we think like a community and our vision, purpose and values are central to everything we do. 

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Matching our fingerprints:


Our initial meetings are akin to to “chemistry meetings” and are designed to for us to get to know each other to get a feel about if they would be a good fit.  The session is designed to ascertain, what support that you need, and crucially, whether we are the right people to provide it? 



Know your true starting position:  Is the culture you say you have the one you have actually got?  Do you understand the real lived experience of all of your people?



We create the right interventions for you in the right modality, facilitated in the right ways for your people.  Our design fingerprint reaches across programmes and workshops, e-learning, digital learning assets and key note addresses.




We know there is a difference between one-off training and facilitated programmes, and we provide a safe learning environment for your people.

We collaborate with you to develop inclusion maturity journeys that are multi-faceted and multi-year.

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Meet our team:

Paul Anderson-Walsh Photo

Paul Anderson-Walsh

CEO & Co-Founder

"People often wonder what’s so special about inclusion because they fundamentally misunderstand it.  Consequently they don’t realise the positive commercial impact of its presence and the corrosive impact that its opposite (exclusion) has on an organisation."