Working with our partners Truthsayers, creators of the Truthsayers® Neurotech® platform, we use both ‘implicit’ and ‘explicit’ methods to quantitively measure what people say, and how they actually feel.

Do people who reflect different aspects of diversity feel welcomed and experience equal treatment or do they sense that the way they are being treated makes them feel different?

Do people feel that they are insiders or outsiders? Or are they feeling 'othered’ as they work to deliver high-quality products and services to your clients and work together effectively across the organisation?

We remove the doubt by allowing you to hear and reflect on their truths.

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In subjects as complex and sensitive as inclusion, culture, retention and lived experience, it’s important to use the most accurate and appropriate method to gather data. Traditional tools will only tell you what people are willing to share, and are subject to moderation and conscious bias.

Using Implicit tools like Truthsayers® Neurotech® is a scalable, accessible, efficient way of applying the advances in neuroscience that measure feelings and attitudes without moderation, obfuscation or editing. 

Truthsayers® Neurotech® bypasses conscious bias and thought processes and gets right to the heart of how people really feel and captures their gut response. By measuring both implicit and explicit we are able to surface the organisational truths that have traditionally been inaccessible to leaders and decision-makers.


This video from Truthsayers neatly explains what Neurotech® is all about.

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